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I will bring pre-made characters for you to use, and teach you everything you need to know. Get to experience the worlds best roleplaying game online with others while a professional DM (that's me) helps you navigate the...

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How to prepare

Players will need to create a Roll20 account prior to the game, here: (or sign into an existing account). Players will need to ensure that they have Zoom downloaded. The Zoom link will be provided.

What I provide

Maps, characters, expertise, and, of course, adventure!

What else should you know

The expectation is that this is your first or one of your first games, so there is no need to have a working knowledge of the system. I'll also provide some guidance as to what to do next (books to purchase, sites to sign up, etc.). By the end of the session, you will have the tools you need to play more Dungeons & Dragons!

Gameplay Details

Dungeons & Dragons revolves around a group of 'Players' (you!) as they portray singular characters who navigate a dangerous fantasy world through interaction with the 'Dungeon Master' (me!) who informs the Players as to the effect of their actions. When something occurs wherein the outcome is in question, the players will be asked to roll dice and compare their characters' scores and abilities to determine the resolution. Thus, we all tell an improvised story, together!

How Will Character Creation Work

I will provide pre-generated characters for everyone. These characters will be a mix or D&D ancestries and classes.

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