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On the continent of Kryesor, the humans have cause war after war the last one a hundred years ago razed the land and destroyed much of what was. Humans are now mostly hated on while the other races rebuild. The humans ha...

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How to prepare

General knowledge of the game would be great but is unneeded. Character creation will have to be done but I am available to help if that is needed too. No software needed but a Roll20 account is necessary.

What I provide

Playing on Roll20 I have maps premade, I can send information and pictures to the players that may need them.

What else should you know

I'm free to answer any questions whenever they may arise.

Gameplay Details

A typical session will be a mix of roleplay with the other players and NPC's and combat. Occasionally finding your group in a trap riddled area with a few puzzles to test the mind and round out the games enjoyment.

How Will Character Creation Work


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