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The Classic Beer & Pretzels Roleplaying Game For kobolds in the service of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) their life will undoubtedly be silly, brutal, and short. They may be crushed by cows falling from the sky. The...

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How to prepare

No preparation needed. However, if you would like to review the game book or print out a character sheet, feel free.

What I provide

We will bring some preset adventures, an in-depth knowledge of the game and much silliness!

What else should you know

Kobolds Ate My Baby! is a beer & pretzels RPG which means that it is NOT to be taken seriously. It's the type of game you play as a break from a more serious campaign. Your kobold will be bad at things and will probably die during the session and that's OK!

Gameplay Details

Overall gameplay is a silly, over the top display of stupidity and bad decisions by the kobolds. A typical session may be that King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) has requested you go into the town to retrieve food for the feast tonight. On the way you may encounter some townsfolk or other nasty foes, like chickens!!! The kobolds will try their best (which is actually pretty bad) to get some tasty food and maybe even a BABY for the King. They will get hurt, probably die at least once and ultimately wind up disappointing King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!).

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation happens during the session. The Mayor (GM) will have you roll up your stats and may even give you some horrible death checks during the process!

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