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After the many great races ravaged the earth, from their battles arose a new empire. Lead by a single leader, a human king named Galifar, united the scattered human nations and formed the Galifarian Empire. And for near...

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How to prepare

Aside from your character, please do your best to show up 30 minutes early if you can. This is so that if we need to discuss any details before we start, we can do so. Also for the beginning of the campaign, I ask that you give me at least one significant NPC for your character, for roleplay purposes.

What I provide

Our sessions will be played on Roll20. We shall have maps, tokens, and music through Discord.

What else should you know

I will provide free character art for each of our players after 3 sessions if you still stick around ^_^

Gameplay Details

We shall also be implementing the safety tool of the X-Card! Basically if there's anything that makes you uncomfortable, you can either drag the “X” token onto the map, or message me an "X", either in Discord privately or in the roll20 chatroom. For more information, read here

How Will Character Creation Work

Any of the official books, and you can reflavor/reskin the races/feature if you like! Level 3, Point buy for Stats and a free feat! and Average HP (but leveling up is fast, like every session ish) Homebrew may be allowed if it's minor, on a case by case basis.

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