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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds

Kids welcome (recommended for ages 9+)! Join me on Fantasy Grounds (free download) to experience D&D online. We'll play the D&D Essentials Kit, a fun adventure with multiple paths and character to play with. You can come...

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How to prepare

Download Fantasy Grounds Unity: Please download it and open it. After download, it asks for login name and Password, and won't let you get by. You have to click REGISTER, pull up the website for fantasy grounds, then create a username and password, get the email, etc., then you can login to the downloaded app, and skip the license on the next screen. Then click Check for Updates in the bottom left. When it's game time you'll click Join Campaign, and look for my GM name, Raddu or the name of the game, "Kids Learn to Play D&D - Raddu". I'll give the password before the game. Download the Discord App for voice and video during the game: You'll need a mic and headphones. Video is not required but encouraged.

What I provide

Hundreds of maps & tokens, everything for D&D on Fantasy Grounds and D&D Beyond.

What else should you know

Let's have fun!

Gameplay Details

We'll walk though choosing a character. Then a quick lesson the basics of D&D and Fantasy Grounds. Then we'll get into it, learning to rules as we go. We focus on teamwork, exploration, and social interactions.

How Will Character Creation Work

I have dozens of pregenerated characters, or you can come with your own created through D&D Beyond. If you do create your own character use Standard Array or 27 point buy to generate ability scores. Please only use official D&D 5e content.

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