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Karnak: The Shattered Crystal is a campaign about the turmoil and mystery of 4 nations with an uneasy peace and about the people who wish for that peace to remain, those that will do what they must to keep it. It is in ...

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How to prepare

The players will need to create their characters' (just keep me in the loop). They will need to have an account on Discord and Roll20 so we can talk and see each other if we're comfortable with it and to show the battle maps. If a player wants to learn the rules, they can but it isn't a requirement.

What I provide

I will be using my own dice, unless its a lot of damage or a tie in initiative then I will use the bot. I will have reference photos of NPCs as well as my own DM PC if the players' don't mind. I will make the maps and put them on Roll20 so everyone can see distance and scenery. I will also create a world map for the players'.

What else should you know

I don't believe there is. Though restrain from anything NSFW please, it makes me very uncomfortable.

Gameplay Details

I, as the DM, plan each session after the previous is done. I leave it very open ended so players can have room to work as their characters. I also do open ended notes of the entire campaign. The players are free to explore the area they are in and can ask for more information when they need it. Not every session will have combat, but it is an important part of D&D so there will be a decent amount of fighting going on. Each person is free to take their time to determine what they want to do when it is their turn in combat, but planning ahead always helps. If an experienced player wants to describe how they kill a monster/enemy then they may, but if they would like me to, then I will be happy to. Feel free to give your characters a voice or a posture, that helps bring them to life. If you aren't good with doing different voices then there is no shame with you speaking normally (I do it cause I suck at voices).

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 3 and they can be created on D&D Beyond or Mythweavers. I would like for the players to create them before hand, though I would like to be kept in the loop and know what each person is playing, as well as helping them if need be.

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