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This campaign is set in a world where outside forces have introduced science fiction technology but still heavily fantasy based. Technology is expensive and hard but possible to get. The world is extremely dangerous outs...

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How to prepare

We will be using discord so have that installed and an account created. Be familiar with any rules that involve your character. The DM will not be expected to have your character mastered, he will understand it but not have it mastered.

What I provide

I will be bringing a lifetime of being a fulltime DM, a lifetime of picking apart movies and books for the sole purpose of using it in a campaign. A lifetime of understanding what players want in a fun filled game

What else should you know

This campaign will be online only.

Gameplay Details

I run a fun, balanced campaign. Everything is possible if everyone is having fun but everything is earned. When it makes sense there will be a puzzle or riddle. Traps where there should be traps. Political tension if warranted and of course combat when it fits. I like to sprinkle in bits of this and that so the game doesn't get stale.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players will start at lv 1 and use the point buy system. They can use any race or class from any official d&d 5e book. They can multy class and use feats. They can also use the future and modern weapons in the DM guide. I will not say no to any character creation as long as its made using official rules. You create the character in your time

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