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Have you ever wanted to play a Norse themed campaign? Watched the series 'Vikings' and thought, "I'd love to play a badass shield maiden..". Do you have an interest in Norse mythology? Ever wanted to stand on the battlef...

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How to prepare

Have a working mic. Have a basic understanding of the rules and core mechanics of the game.

What I provide

Brand new Norse themed subclasses, as well as a brand new class, The Runemaster! Real time weather effects. High quality maps and tokens. Atmospheric music including viking themed battle music! An exciting, fun filled adventure that is very faithful too Norse mythology. Plenty of opportunity to decide how your character will fit into the world. Are they a direct decedent of Odin? An agent of Loki? A fierce shield-maiden? You decide!

What else should you know

Be positive and respectful of me and other players.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

**Character Creation** - 27 point buy or if you’re feeling lucky, roll! - There're brand new and exclusive Norse themed classes to try! - Characters begin at level 3 all the way to level 15 at the battle of Ragnarok! - No UA folks! - Include a fear. This is something I find really fun in my games, is your character afraid of spiders? Heights? Pumpkins? Would be an awful shame if the party ended up in a floating castle run by a giant tarantula hosting a Halloween party, wouldn’t it….

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