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Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Dungeon World, Masks: A New Generation on Zoom, Theater of the Mind

You have been invited to attend a summer at the highly prestigious and extremely secretive Johnthons Hupkins Center for Heroic Youth, a training camp where the best and brightest heroic minds of the age are trained to fi...

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How to prepare

Webcam preferred, mic necessary. Bring only your mind, a working computer, and willingness to learn/help others learn!

What I provide

I will take care of dice rolling for any players unable to roll for themselves. Other than that, everything is done in Theatre of the Mind.

What else should you know

The goal is always to have fun, not to "win".

Gameplay Details

This game may explore themes of fascism and rebellion, and will utilize Lines and Veils and Safety Cards.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created based on the wishes of the players.

Players can expect







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