Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Introductory Campaign: The Lost Mine Of Phandelver

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No prior experience necessary! Our adventure begins with a job--help escort some mining supplies to Phandalin, a small town south of Neverwinter. Seems easy enough, and better yet, there's a bit of gold on the table. Yo...

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How to prepare

Players will need to have/create a free Roll20 account and join the game (a direct link inviting you to the game will be provided) AS WELL AS a free account on Discord so we can easily communicate via text, voice, and/or video. Roll20 has audio and video capability but it is oftentimes glitchy and I do not want to risk interruptions to your game. Customization/creation of characters can be done once the invitation is accepted, preferably prior to your scheduled session and with DM approval/assistance.

What I provide

Katie will provide the adventure (including the story, maps, voice acting and role play), an in-game tutorial of Roll20 (if needed), and will help players navigate the rules of D&D 5th Edition featuring content from "Lost Mine Of Phandelver."

What else should you know

If you have any further questions, please contact me directly using the "Contact DM" button on the left. Let's Start Playing!

Gameplay Details

Inexperienced players need not be afraid--Katie will help you learn the ropes as we play! Although the history of Faerun is expansive, you will receive appropriate details at the right moments so you're not overwhelmed diving into a foreign world. A typical session will include history/backstory, role playing, and combat encounters to keep you involved and engaged with your story.

How Will Character Creation Work

You will receive an invitation to your private game, and will have access to various resources within my compendium upon booking your session(s). Pre-generated characters with prescribed back-stories are included with this adventure, however, you can make your own character using the 5th Edition Player's Handbook (sorry, no Minotaurs and Hobgoblins in this one). If you wish to create your own, we should get them established before the first session (unless you would like a "session zero" to learn how to build characters), and Katie is happy to assist if necessary. We will start at level 1, so it's recommend to use the charactermancer in Roll20 to build your character. The charactermancer will also make sure that you stay within the rules of character building, so it's a great tool for new players to explore.

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