Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Introduction to Humblewood

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Have you been interested in The Deck of Many's new release, Humblewood? Do you want to be an owl that's also a warrior? A hedgehog that's also a cleric? A mouse that's also a bard? This is the game for you! An Introduct...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players should have a Roll20 account. Players should Have Zoom or Discord. Players will need to create characters (DM to assist).

What I provide

Maps, Music, Monsters, and Adventure!

What else should you know

Be respectful of the DM and other players. Safety of the players is a top priority and sexism, racism, ableism, or any other form of hatefulness will not be tolerated at the table. The DM reserves full right to have players removed from the game.

Gameplay Details

I love to focus on role-play and building interesting stories using fun character voices. Combat tends to be less crunchy or min/max necessary and more that it adds something to the story being told. Feel free to take risks in our games, bring me your ideas and we'll try to make it happen!

How Will Character Creation Work

These characters are level 4 and will be created in Roll20 prior to the game. I am active in talking to, and helping, my players create characters during the week leading up to the game.

Players can expect







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