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It's 1877, and to put it mildy, times are different. Back east, the civil war is still going on. Prospectors are heading out west to collect mostly a mineral called Ghost Rock, named after the fact that when it's on fire...

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How to prepare

Have a Roll20 account ready. We will use that to show maps and scenes. Also, have Discord ready as we use that for audio and video communication.

What I provide

The game is online so everything is provided for you.

What else should you know

Prepare for one of the most unique game systems that is easy to learn and that is a lot of fun. There is a reason why there is a following for this game.

Gameplay Details

Deadlands is unique in the fact that it is horror based, but a character can also survive when compared to other horror games. It has a following that loves the way the game feels. Often, there is a "boss" at the end of a campaign and if the players are able to defeat it, a specialized poker chip is thrown into the "pot" known as a legendary chip. It is also possible to create a part of the world where evil is triumphant, and a "Dead Land" is created. The characters are the heroes, not the villains (though they may not know it at first). In this game, expect something early on that allows players a chance of combat. After that, they are trying to solve what is happening around them. The players will then decide how to deal with the problem, which more than likely will end up in a combat situation. For a quick rating, I tend to run at a PG-13 rating. If younger children join up, I will modify to where parents are comfortable. For horror based adventures, players are encouraged to use traffic light signals when it comes to comfortable/uncomfortable situations. Green is fine, yellow is proceed with caution, and red is a stop. You can either type this in the VTT I'm using or say it out loud in the Discord chat. The last thing I want is players to feel uncomfortable. I want to create a game experience that everybody enjoys.

How Will Character Creation Work

I can create the character for you, but I encourage that you schedule a time with me to create your character online. You will get dealt 12 virtual cards, including jokers, in which you are able to discard the lowest two (except for deuces and jokers). Character creation is a fun process that many players enjoy, so it is encouraged that you schedule a time before the game to do this. This is given free of charge as well.

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