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Seattle a city divided by water, a city that pushes for equality and progressive measures hides a rather darker element. At night the city is still alive, people still live their lives. However, the roads and ferries or ...

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How to prepare

The only preparation a player will need to do is have discord installed, be ready to play, and have a basic character idea. The character does not have to be created or fully developed it can be something as simple as a skeptic or teacher to a detective that is done with all of the bureaucracy or an occultist that has been talking to the other side as far as they can remember.

What I provide

I will bring the rulebook and have a story prepared for them.

What else should you know

This game is supposed to be as if you became a vampire, so think about how your character would handle that. Not everyone would be accepting of feeding off of people and no longer able to live their former life. Most would start to question what they are and how to cope with that and what is their new life. If you are interested in playing please send me a message on here as well as to with the subject of the game.

Gameplay Details

Chronicles of Darkness use the storyteller system which requires the players to roll 10- sided equal to an attribute and skill to succeed at tests. Any dice over 8 is considered a success, but if the roll comes up with no successes then the roll is a failure, but if you only roll one die and it is a 1 then it is a dramatic failure. Though there are conditions that could influence rolls as well as how characters react to certain events or beings. A usual session will be centered around a current mystery, whether that is a simple murder case or what is the leader of the city hiding, with the added complications of the character's personal touches and motivations. Safety Tools: I use two major safety tools, X card and lines and veils, with weekly check ins. The X card can be used at any point if a participant is uncomfortable with the content happening in-game. When the X card is used by tapping the card or typing an “X” in the chat, the group can change, rewind, or skip the content. Lines: are subjects that are never brought up or into the game, any player may add to the list. The current lines are: Sexual Assault of any kind. Veils: are subjects that are alluded to but never directly brought up or into the game, any player may add to this list as well. The current veils are: domestic abuse. Weekly Check Ins: is where I ask the group before each game if there is any Lines or Veils that the players would like to add to the list whether on a permanent basis or temporarily considering life happens and we are not fully active in each other's life.

How Will Character Creation Work

There is no levels with the character's but characters will be new to the darker side of the world. I will go over character creation with the players to make sure that they have a character that they enjoy and works well with others. However, if a player wishes to create a character on their own and being checked by me they are more than welcome to.

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