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I'd like get good mix bag of old and new players. Local ones if can but I'll play over the internet if needed! looking for people who know for sure they want to play TTRPG for while. This just suppose to be a free quick ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

for this session you'll need to have a character concept and States made as much as you can. submit it to me for approval before play. Ill allow 30 minutes for the group to finish there character.

What I provide

Notes and some extra dice for players to use. Ill try to get make props when time allows. More sessions I run the more things Ill make/bring for it!

What else should you know

I'd like to have local group do this with in person. Though I understand with Covid that might not be possible for a while. I am able run great campaign online. I hope we can run long and fantastic games together. This short game will see if you want me to be your GM before having full sessions. Feel free ask me questions! I'll do my best answer them.

Gameplay Details

Planed encounters will use battle map. Player Created encounters will use quick descriptions. Roleplay will be awarded.

How Will Character Creation Work

you will follow point buy system and max gold for your class . you should try to complete as much as you can before the session. I will assist, but it will use your play time. You should have a Back Story, Class, Race and Gear picked before this session.

Players can expect







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