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It will be a starter campaign set in the forgetten realms. I have Xanathars for more options for characters and some other resources for some sandbox gameplay. First session will probably be character creation or bring y...

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How to prepare

If you download 5e hardcore mode From drivethrurpg you can read the rules and fill out a template before and we can get into playing sooner, but I'd still like to get to know the characters so feel free to introduce them to me. If you have the player's handbook it should make sense, and if not I have the PHB and would be ok in explaining enough of the core rules so you can play. (Plus hardcore mode streamlines it so you'll likely catch on pretty quickly as you play.)

What I provide

Dry erase terrain grid maps, dice, character templates, background terrain, miniatures, monster tokens & tiles, PHB, DMG, MM, Xanathars guide, starter set, quest cards (from another game but they have great milestone hooks/ quests like: stop an assassination attempt, guide a merchant caravan, etc.), professions cards (the cards are just added for extra items to buy in shops but they can be used to brew alchemy stuff like poison vials, health pots, etc. Yes I have the cards of the alchemically made products.) I also know a local artist and I may commission them if the group would like a character/ group illustration. (This last option will cost extra and I suggest many fun moments as your character before asking.)

What else should you know

I've been playing video games since I was four, and I'm looking forward to playing more tabletop and balancing or just coming up with new and fun ways to play this game.

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How Will Character Creation Work

Level 1 characters please. I have templates for 5e hardcore mode, feel free to fill it out yourselves or we can go over it in person.

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