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This game will be for anyone who wants to learn about DnD through doing instead of reading endless guides. Hands on experience, real test, traps, and monsters await. Come learn in the way it was ment to be played with a...

Don't see a time that works for you?

Additional Details

How to prepare

Create a roll 20 account and have a character concept that you would like to create at the table ready. 3 to 5 words like "holy paladin seeking justice" or "sneaky rogue seeks revenge"

What I provide

I will create with roll 20 environment and world space for the adventure.

What else should you know

I am a stay at home dad and may break to attend to the needs of my children. Game time will be extended by any break time needed for this.

Gameplay Details

This will explore 3 levels of a tower with 2 to 4 encounters per level of the tower with an story for the players to discover about it.

How Will Character Creation Work

Guided character creation will be done as the first half of the first session.

Players can expect







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