Savage Worlds | Intro to Deadlands Reloaded - "Coming 'Round the Mountain"

Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds, Discord

This is a one shot designed to introduce new players to the core mechanics of Savage Worlds and Deadlands Reloaded! In addition to being designed to be a session friendly to newcomers, it'll also explore a some of the th...

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How to prepare

Every player will need to install the free copy of Fantasy Grounds Unity (The VTT Software) before the session begins, in addition to having a PC that can handle a 6 way Discord video call.

What I provide

A fully crafted VTT roleplaying experience, replete with voice acted NPC's, custom drawn maps and all of the wonderful dice automation features that are provided with Fantasy Grounds.

What else should you know

This and all sessions are only virtual. I am not available for in person GM'ing.

Gameplay Details

There are a lot of colorful NPC's to interact with, a Western town to explore and a variety of ways to resolve the ultimate conflict in the narrative. My sessions tend to feature larger than life characters and the occasional exploding head.

How Will Character Creation Work

You can select from a variety of pre-generated characters for this one shot.

Players can expect







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