Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Intro One Shot- Ideal for New Players!

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Start playing Dungeons & Dragons 5e today with an exciting One Shot, a stand-alone adventure of mayhem and magic! Choosing from quests described in the Essentials Kit: Dragon of Icespire Peak and more, each session is a ...

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How to prepare

A basic understanding of the rules is recommended but not required. I am always happy to give new players a crash course in the rules so they can hit the ground running. Players should try to come to the game with characters ready and be ready to play as a level 1 character if not. I run my games over Discord, so a free account will be necessary for voice and (optional) video chat.

What I provide

I'm bringing the DANGER and the WIZARDRY. I'm bringing the HEAT. I'm bringing a fast, reliable internet connection and a designated Discord-channel to showcase images of maps, monsters, and FACE-MELTING PERIL. Do something extra cool and I'll even give you some sweet, sweet super-Inspiration. Super Inspiration works like it does in the 5e rules with the added ability to change a small feature of your surroundings as well. Lost in a dark cave and don't have darkvision? Spend your SI to find a torch at your feet. Falling headlong over a waterfall? Spend some SI to make a desperate grab for a branch nearby. Fighting an adult red dragon and down to your last point of health? ... get creative and good luck!

What else should you know

Until we can dwell in basements dank and dark once more to roll dice joyously in humble communion, please bring a stable internet connection, an open mind, and a love of fun.

Gameplay Details

Each session will present a challenge to the players that can be overcome in a multitude of methods. Some methods might be easier than others but the choice is up to the players themselves. Exploration, combat and role play are the three main focuses of my games. The pace is expected to be a little brisk, to avoid bogging down the game. Some form of violence will be inevitable, but the "gore" level can be determined by the comfort levels of each player group. Remember, you can always choose to deal non-lethal damage to an enemy!

How Will Character Creation Work

The characters start at level 1 and advance from there. As new players join, I will notify them about what level the rest of the players are so they can show up with the appropriate level characters. I encourage players to arrive with their characters ready to go but there will be pregenerated level 1 character PDFs on hand as well.

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