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*"It's the height of summer. Heat soaked steps radiate an inviting allure along the Coast Way. Beckoning wayfarers of all kinds to give it credence and wander. What better time to trade in spring's many harvests or lose...

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How to prepare

The game is designed for both experienced and inexperienced players. Both to roleplaying in general and D&D 5E. A crash course on the lore and mechanics will be given on session 0 and references for extended reading will be given upon request.

What I provide

My Roll20 account has everything we need to play including all the books and rules the campaign will be using shared with my players. During the session there will be ambient music and some sound effects.

What else should you know

Our Discord server will also have an in game 'Camp' channel dedicated to in party Roleplay between sessions. I am often available on Discord between sessions for questions/ feedback or just 'nerding out' over the game. I live in The Netherlands, so my local time zone is GMT+1.

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How Will Character Creation Work

*Players start at Level 1*, *Custom Buffed Preset Abilities*, *No Homebrew classes*, *No Unearthed-Arcana*. Any Race from the *Player's Handbook*, *Xanthar's Lost Notes to Everything Else*, and from *Volo's Guide to Monsters*- take into account that *Goblin*, *Hobgoblin*, *Bugbear*, and *Kobold* society are still considered monsters. As such, player characters from these races are considered pariahs.

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