Savage Worlds | Indiana Jones & the Legend of Excalibur

Savage Worlds on Roll20, Zoom

This adventure is so pulpy it gives orange juice a run for its money! Based on the movies but with a distinct flair all its own, the session is every bit as fast and furious as the system used. RP is welcome and encourag...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Rules will be explained as needed. All materials necessary for the campaign will be provided. No software needed!

What I provide

Nothing will be brought for the virtual game.

What else should you know

Currently only booking virtual games, no in-person sessions.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay will mostly consist of easy back-and-forth roleplay questions as obstacles are presented. We'll use the system to resolve a lot of the action, from dramatic tasks and quick encounters, to full-blown combat. This is a good session for players new to Savage Worlds as a system, or those looking to stretch their RP skills!

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be pre-generated and provided by me. However we can discuss character creation over e-mail or Discord prior to the session if you'd like to create your own!

Players can expect







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