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This is my longest-running, largest, and most deeply fleshed out homebrew setting. There is a great variety of cultures, religions and homebrew mechanics that define how people live their lives. This world is in its early days and is only leaving the golden age of heroes and gods. Bronze is the main metal that is available with only distant shores holding the key to advanced technology that could warp this world. An empire rises and smashes against a wall of hoplites as desert kings raise bestial armies and dark cabals of forgotten technology plot their ascendance. The heavens break apart as long watching immortals find their very existence is brought into question. Their mortal subjects learning the dark secrets they buried long ago. if you join you will find a richly filled world of fleshed out lore and challenges where your every action matters. you will be the key piece in this changing world and no matter what path you choose, your name will be etched into the very stone. WARNING- this world is based on an ancient setting which means themes of slavery and other difficult subjects may be present. these issues will never be shoved down players throats or politicized. they are merely there to replicate the feeling of an authentic ancient world such as Rome and Greece. should you be uncomfortable with this then please let me know and I will make adjustments. The Factions; The Ichoran Empire: "The city sits in the ribcage, great white bone-like towers reach into the sky making it seem like a hand has reached up to clasp and pull down the city. if you look north of there you can see it, the scull, the temple of the dead god. those black and empty sockets, wider than any giants height.... by all heaven, I wish I could unsee it" - Leon the cripple This empire seems to have risen out of a small tribe. It is believed that this tribe composed of a mixture of nomadic elves and humans settled here many years ago. They found the skeleton of Mephestus the fallen god and saw it as the perfect place to set up a settlement. The land seemed to be rich with wealth, seemingly a side effect of the decomposing immortal. The ribcage of Mephestus provided a perfect shelter from the creatures of the wild and they flourished. However Mephestus was a dark god, he had been cast from the heavens due to his ambitions on the throne of the gods, and this darkness is something that cannot be undone. It spread like a sickness. Filling the peoples of the settlement with haughty arrogance and a vicious appetite for conquest. They turned their eyes to their neighbours and began to dominate the continent. Their army being a mixture of elvish spellcasters and human warriors they were far more adaptable than other cultures. Now at the peak of their power they turn their attentions to the strongest of their neighbours. Mythrian city states: "you see that line over there? that line is made up of minotaurs and Scorpion daemons and all sorts of fucked up beasts that ever popped out a gods arsehole. they are going to hit us like a wave against the rock and you will hold. you will hold because I am far worse than the ugliest fucker they can throw at you. you will hold because I damn well say you will. now bring your shield up boys and stand strong! or your mothers will spit to the dust when they hear your names"- Emandros the Eloquent, Battle of Sadris Often known as the birthplace of the heroic age the Mythrian city states is a home to adventurers from across the world. They share a close connection with their gods who often provide them with monstrous beasts to fill the ranks of their armies. Because of this when you face a Mythrian army you could be fighting anything from minotaur’s to merfolk and many in between. The Mythrian peoples have one flaw, they are divided between many city states or Polis that are constantly at war with one another. Because of this their legendary hoplites have never stood united against the lances of the Ichoran empire. They also remain at constant war with the humans of their old enemy to the east; the Pathiric Confederacy Nerva- state founded by the twins Boros and Bores this state is heavily reliant on slavery. all citizens are either blue tattooed scholars or red tattooed warriors. they follow the dragonborn god of war Oran and are led by a council of nine kings Elphos- the state of Elphos are naval masters they are led by a senate of all noble families who are lead by four kings. one for each season. the king whose season it currently has the deciding vote on ties for decision making. they have brilliant archers and navy Ocea- the religious center of the Mythric world Ocea is located over the lake of the endless tide where the Mythrians believe the gods were born. Oceic hoplites carry blessed weaponry and have the largest amount of heroes they are ruled by the head priest and a senate voted it by the people Kellphis- the black city or undercity. this city was built in strange caverns hidden inside a solitary mountain. the Kellphisians built on top the mountain and beneath it. they are constantly at war with the creatures of the underdark and have created the finest phalanx formations known. they also have incredible swordsmen used to fighting in the cramped underground tunnels they have a long standing royal family that dates back centuries Sath- the trading centre of Mythria and the closest boundary with the Pathric confederacy. they have spent to long fighting with the desert kingdoms that their army is a mixmash of different mercenaries from across the globe. A Sathian army may not have the finest hoplites but they will field barbarians from the north and marksmen from the east. it is ruled by a republic with an elected admiral and general as well as trademaster Calace- birthplace of Candella Calace has a much more relaxed attitude to life than the other city states. they are rules by two queens who are chosen by the priests of the goddess. though their army is small they have the finest horsemen and horse archers in all of Mythria Ederia- the north city, the city of Ferric the wolf god. their king was once selfish and greedy and was cursed becoming the first werewolf. the Ederians have since devoted their lives to redemption. they have the finest warriors matched only by the Nervans and their warriors travel the world seeking to redeem their souls and the soul of their beast god. they are basically greek werewolves. ruled by a Archon who assigns pack leaders. The Pathiric Confederacy: "here in the land of flowing sand we know things that all philosophers in the cities of the Mythric will never know. There is great honour in the sword and power too, but the man who pays the sword has more weight that the sword alone" - Istal liplicker desert envoy to king Xander of Elphos The deserts of Pathiria are the homes to monstrous beings such as giants, Roc’s and centaur herds. It is also home however to the largest wealth of any state in the known world. The great floating oasis of the Aarakocra and the expansive wealth of the human Pharaoh make this alliance one to be feared. The Pharaohs however have reputations as great leaders in peace but poor war commanders, and the history of the Pathiric confederacy seems filled with embarrassing defeats and poor military choices. Despite this the Pathiric peoples are hardy and brave with some of the best traders and finest made equipment. The North: “the North is beautiful, serine almost, it beckons to you with its unmatched wildness and promise of the unknown. We will no sooner tame the north than we will harness the skies or the fury of the sea”- Ichoran Archon Titus Mundus The north belongs to no one. Though the orcs, werewolves and goliaths tribes roam its peaks and frozen plains, and though the great dwarf kingdoms rest beneath the study mountains there are none who truly hold the north. If you enter the forests you will face the wood elves and the beasts of the dark. If you brave the peaks you face dragons and other monstrosities. the order of the lycans trains bloodhunters deep in the mountains and there are tales of monastery’s hidden in the snow. In short it is a place of mystery and monsters and a place not wisely tread alone. the dwarves of the north Albour- furthest south city and the city of the famous mountain gate. they were betrayed and the gate was somehow opened during the war and the empire got in. they were the first to sign the treaty after their king was executed by the empire and replaces with a child king. They now give troops and gold to the empire to keep independence. They are famed for their warrior clerics Moldir- the deepest of the dwarven cities and the richest. Moldir have fine miners, craftsmen, and traders, they use their wealth to pay for the recruitment of mercenary groups and adventuring parties who keep back the creatures of the Underdark. They signed the treaty with the empire straight after Albour did and the deal they got was a fine one that enabled strong trade between the two. Lorndrom- the largest and finest of the cities Lorndrom has a reputation as the home of great dwarven heroes. They take great pride in the fact that their warriors roam the snowy peaks of the upper mountains, hunting beasts and gathering resources. They fought the goliaths in many wars and have an uneasy truce with the werewolf tribes. They have a strong belief in the importance of magic and though it works on more of a craftsman's relationship rather than university. mages join mage guilds and are made apprentices to masters who guide them. This can be bad for growing mages as the masters tend to be stubborn and loath to innovate Glenvar- the final city of the dwarves is the closest to the northern Isle of Vulcran. they are more secretive than the other cities and it is well known that they long to crack open the great enigma of the Dragonborn island. they are fine warriors and trackers and have the best dwarvern rangers and druids in the mountains. They had to give up very little in the truce with the empire and use this to fuel their ambitions both over the other cities and eventually overseas. Gissium: "ssshhhh you knew this was coming when you stole from us. at least die with some dignity"- red kestrel Thiala to unknown Across the sea is the three mighty cities of Gissium. Masters of the sea and science. This culture of gnomes and humans are said to have mastered the components of the earth and created devices capable of propelling projectiles at great speeds though they protect these devices viciously. The king of Gissium has recently died leaving the island in a state of flux. The three cities each support their own claimant to the throne and this has dissolved the great state into civil war. It is said that the black powder guild (servants to the flame god Jannic) are using this uncertainty to gain profit by selling their firearms and other inventions to all three sides. Athentar- the home of the great university of the Dragonturtle stone Athentar is a place of diplomats, alchemists and the wide study of the arcane arts. in all the world there is no greater gathering of minds and knowledge. any first son or daughter of the Gissium sand would be honoured to study in the depths of the parchment city. any dropouts from the university are drafted quickly into the cities famous spellriders who pay off their university debts with years on the field of battle. The city supports Armad Hssuiq for the throne, a Tabaxi nobleman whose family goes back to the first rulers. many questions if Armand is simply a puppet to his university tutors who have been liked to the black powder guild in many ways. Tashalla- deep in the mountains atop the black waterfall of the north the Tashallan monks study the ancient texts and try to uncover the passage to true spiritual enlightenment. however, there is great friction in the city and the many guilds of the black waterfall push for conflict against the other cities. their queen Mellima the blind has strangely turned from her once pacifist nature and leads her armies of guildsmen and monks against the other cities. there can only be peace through bloodshed and she will paint the sands red. Samandra- there was only one invasion of Gissium by the Ichoran empire. 2000 ships pushed towards the beaches of Samandra. not one reached the shore, for no city in the world has the devices that the red port does. black cannons and fire-spitting monstrosities cut through Ichoran magics and sent the ships to the depths. for this technology, the Samandrans have paid a heavy price. The city almost certainly belongs to the black powder guild. its merchant based democracy is a sham and general Lila Firqat is the main force of power here. she has become obsessed with war and will do everything to raise the strength of her people. Dunn Isles: "...Then one of them, the leader I think, for he was the hairiest and most scarred of the bunch got up and announced to the party- 'right lads you know how it goes. steel bows to the back and axemen to the front. Wait till the boat hits theirs and give em a glimpse of Oran's eye eh! oh, and try to have some fun out there!"- Yuma the travellers account of Dunn Isle tactics The coast Dwarves of the Dunn isles are so far removed from their mountain bound cousins it is hard to see the resemblance. These dwarves take to the seas pillaging the other island settlements and dividing the wealth between the victors. They are great warriors and sailors, praying to the god Bahillian of the sea. Their rules are simple, bravery and overcoming great adversity are the most admirable thing one can do with their life. They all pay homage to the sea queen who commands all clans in regards to the traditions of their people The Mist lands (Culunoc): "come sit child and I will tell you of the mists and the walkers in the mists. I will tell you of the Bogman and Cullen blue eyes. sit and listen and you will hear of strange things and old things. things that go bump when you sleep and the ones who hunt em. sit child and I will tell you about heroes"- Grandmother to wide eyed child Out to the west rests three islands, dark and foreboding on the horizon. It is here that the gap between our world and the other plains is thinnest. It is also here where the orders of the bloodhunters were born before they scattered about the lands. Here humans elves and halflings survive in separate kingdoms under the rule of Fey overlords that push back against the creatures that come from the mists. The winds of wild magic are strong here and the isles are home to more sorcerers than other places. The warriors here are wild and deadly sometimes going into battle wearing no armour, decorating their bodies in coloured paints to inspire fear. They are accompanied by fey noblemen on horseback who match the infantry’s ferocity with their deadly charges. Vulcran: "Vulcran... never heard of it. its a myth. now if you please leave me be I have work to process and no I am not avoiding the question."- Professor Ogrim Fisk (most certainly avoiding the question) The volcano built this island with its hot ash. It is the home to the original dragonborn who have not been seen in many years. Though dragonborn leave the island, another race hasn’t seen Vulcran in over a thousand years and the government has remained silent to the rest of the world. Because of all of this the island remains a mystery and rumours vary. Some believe it is ruled by a conclave of ancient dragons. Others say it is just one enormous dragon that will swallow the world when it awakes. Gods Mephestius= the fallen god LE Thedius= king of gods and light N Xellia= queen of gods and darkness CG Bahillian= god of sea and storms CG Lucian= god of life and birth NG Kai= god of sun and honour LG Ves= goddess of the moon CG Pellina= goddess of strength and unity CG Rendel= god of wisdom and thought CG Jannic= god of flame and suffering CN Canella= goddess of lust and sabotage NE Oran= god of war and tactics CN Porthos= god of monsters and pleasure CE Ferenina= goddess of food and healing LG there are hundreds of gods but all societies worship some version of these gods.

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You will need a mic but webcam is up to you. I expect you to have read the lore at least enough to choose where your character has come from. You will also need a roll20 and discord account.

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I will bring tones of maps and tokens to roll20.

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The game mostly revolves around roleplay but I don't shirk on combat and puzzles. The game has a tonne of lore and homebrew mechanics to make everything feel new and unique. I plan an absolute tonne to make interesting plot hooks and character driven moments. I put you at the centre of the story it is just up to you to decide where to go.

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All characters will be starting level three. you can make your sheet before hand using 27 point buy but all players will need a free one on one character session to integrate them into the world and story.

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  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
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  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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