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Welcome to Icewind Dale, home of Ten Towns and all of the problems that the inhabitants have been running from. Bathed in perpetual twilight this story will take you between the towns and through the tundra, seeing sight...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Please create a character or two before the first session, have discord installed onto your computer or mobile device and have at least one set of RPG dice.

What I provide

I will bring the story, the laughter, tears and one immersive gameplay experience

What else should you know

I will not tolerate bullies at the table, I try my best to encourage a safe environment for all to come and enjoy and as such there will be a no warning policy if another player is threatened or bullied. Everyone will have a moment or two in the spotlight, so just be nice and have fun!

Gameplay Details

Gameplay will greatly depend on the players, as I will be focusing heavily on whatever pillars the players seem to want to be leaning into. This book can be a straight up vanilla campaign or it can have aspects of worldbuilding and leaving your own mark upon the region, it all vastly depends on the players.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character Creation is standard array or point buy to be made before the first session. I will allow for one rebuild within the chosen class when Tasha's comes out. Secrets about the characters will be given out on the first session as well to be tied into the story.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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