Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Icewind Dale, Rime of the Frostmaiden

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Zoom

Let's play the new adventure together. Grab some friends, or make some new ones in this terrifying land to the north. I want every single player to feel engrossed, engaged, and and enthralled. I will be running the game ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You should have Zoom installed, and be willing to join a group discord to keep in contact with each other.

What I provide

I'll bring the adventure, maps, dnd beyond content, and my winning smile.

What else should you know

I don't think there is anything else to say. I hope you guys love the game.

Gameplay Details

I try to build the game around the players, and make sure that everyone at the table is having fun. If you want a game with more exploring, we can do that. Want to murder-hobo it up, we can make that work. I just ask that you join with an open mind, and give the group a chance.

How Will Character Creation Work

I will run a session 0 game with all the players and help everyone build characters for the game. We will be making the characters on DnD Beyond where I have all the content unlocked.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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