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This is a safe space for all types of players, so gather your family/friends and let's play D&D! In the world of Everden, nestled between the mighty Crest mountain range and the vast marshes of the Mokk Fields, lies a m...

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How to prepare

Players will need a account. DM will communicate character options and assist with character creation if needed. A general understanding of D&D 5E rules will make gameplay smoother, but it is not required. Your DM will assist as needed.

What I provide

I will bring your adventure to life!

What else should you know

The "made for Roll20" campaign will be released in September of 2020 (yay!), but until then, we are using the digital campaign resources and your DM is personally building the game for you. There may be some glitches within the settings, but I will do my best to avoid/fix them so your game time is not interrupted!

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How Will Character Creation Work

Upon scheduling, players will be invited to the Roll20 game where they can either create their own characters within the platform or choose from pre-generated characters (DM created).

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