Dungeons & Dragons 5e | How to Play D&D 5th Edition (For Kids and Total Beginners)

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Ever wondered how D&D is played? This quick session will give you all the tools, tricks, tips and knowledge to jump in to playing the world's most incredible Role-Playing game. This will be aimed at those who have never ...

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How to prepare

Get a D&D Beyond account, and I'll walk you through building a character.

What I provide

Everything else.

What else should you know

Come with questions, and expect about an hour of me describing things. Be patient as I work with EACH person to craft their character. There will be times where I will mute all but one person so we can work one-on-one, but I will make sure to take that same kind of personal time with each person until all questions are answered.

Gameplay Details

This isn't an actual GAME session, but rather a session for you to see how the game is played, and take time one-on-one to ask questions. THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS, so feel free to ask anything, and I will go over the details of it with you. We will do a simple battle at the end to practice what was taught.

How Will Character Creation Work

I will walk you through how to build a character, and you will see what certain stats do.

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