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It is a dark time for the Kingdom of Arindell, and more so for the lands of Duke Richard of House Vaurgess. Crime, pestilence, and famine are all running rampant. Despair and hopelessness hang think in the air. All becau...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

All you'll need is just logins for Roll20 and a headset/mic & headphones.

What I provide

Everything will be provided by either myself or

What else should you know

Games may contain strong language and dark themes. If this can be an issue, please let me know ahead of time and I can adjust things accordingly.

Gameplay Details

As this is a classic dungeon crawl, exploration and combat are going to be the main focus of the game, with some role-playing tossed in there to help the story along.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters for this game will be fairly low level and pre-generated.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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