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The setting is in Faerun, think of it as a world like ours. Peaceful, yet stirs with dragons, and magic. Anyone and everyone is invited to have fun learning, or just play a fun game, while meeting new people. ...

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How to prepare

More of a hands on approach to learning the game.

What I provide

I have the Players source books and campaign. I have some dice, and a game board. I dont have alot of minis, but that will change as we go.

What else should you know

We will play at a park to everyone choosing. That way its ventilated. We will work with what we got.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Zero session. This will be me meeting all of you. One by one character selection. I rather want to create a great backstory tieing it in with the campaign. Also making sure it stays between you and I until you reveal it to the others.

Players can expect







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Open To All

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