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As your headmaster, I will help you create a character using home-brewed content, and build your Harry Potter-themed universe. In this story-driven campaign, you'll attend a magical school, tease out mysteries, and have ...

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How to prepare

Familiarize yourself with the world of Harry Potter

What I provide

I'll take care if everything else. I'll provide you acceptance letters, regular newspapers from within the game world and a mystery that will engage and keep you coming back for more

What else should you know

This is about fun first, storey second and mechanics last. If a rule is no fun, I'll change it. I don't let rules get in the way of a good time.

Gameplay Details

Typically these sessions are heavy on mystery, exploring, role-playing and drama. Combat occurs, but it's frequently than in normal D&D

How Will Character Creation Work

Starting at level 0, players will enter the game with very little in their character sheet. Alternately, I can pre-generate characters for you. I'm happy to provide information on character creation if you wish to go it alone also.

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Experience Level

Open To All

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