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When Phenax sent Varyas the Knowing a vision of the oracle's impending death, the seer didn't fear-he knew his work was just beginning. Like all the Returned who followed him, Phenax aban­doned his past identity during ...

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How to prepare

Make sure you are set up with roll20 and Discord. We will play in roll 20 and use discord for chat. You will need a reliable internet connection and a way to send and receive sound. Please make sure your microphone and speakers are working well.

What I provide

Drama, humor, voices for the world you explore. All required materials on roll20 to run the game will be provided by me. We may also enjoy some music to enhance the mood of some scenes.

What else should you know

All are welcome at my table provided that you are respectful of other players and help me to make sure that we are all having fun.

Gameplay Details

You, the heroes will be able to explore your world and set course for adventures to serve your god, or fight against the desires of one or all the gods. There are seas to sail, islands to explore and adventures which run from monster slaying, to politics, to mystery solving. Where things go is up to you as a group. You can be led by the gods of Theros as quest givers or enjoy exploration by sea as you find your own path but first, a mystery calls.

How Will Character Creation Work

This game will use pre generated characters. Those interested in continuing in the campaign may create their own characters and retain any experience points gained in this adventure.

Players can expect







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