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About the setting: The kingdom of Llyr covers a vast territory with valleys, mountains, forests, About the game: The setting and story for this campaign are homebrewed but all mechanics run with official rules only. Th...

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How to prepare

- Think about the hero you want to create and the things you want them to accomplish. - Think about the tone and elements you'd like to see in the adventure (wizard duels, vampires, ships and pirates, giant labyrinths, cyberpunk spaceships, zombie apocalypse, romance, etc.) or avoid (wizard duels, vampires, ships and pirates, giant labyrinths, cyberpunk spaceships, zombie apocalypse, romance, etc.). - It always helps to be familiar with the source books but that is not necessary.

What I provide

- Source books. - Maps. - Token.

What else should you know

Representation in fantasy matters. My settings will always include positive depictions of LGBTQ+, non-binary, and BIPOC characters as part of any race. And while political debates and personal views of other real life issues are better served by having them in other spaces than the game table, discrimination has to be challenged and stopped if it ever happens during a session.

Gameplay Details

During a session, you and your party will make face choices that will affect them and the people (NPCs) they know. There will be exploration, social encounters, problem-solving, combat, and treasure! How combat heavy or roleplay heavy the game is up to the players. Based on their backstories and goals, the adventure will unfold and characters will decide where to go, who to speak to, and what to do. And deal with the consequences of their choices. The game is run on Roll20 and Discord.

How Will Character Creation Work

- Campaigns usually start at level 1, but depending on the group, that can be set differently. - Players can choose any character class/race/backstory they want, working out the details so they fit the setting properly. - During a one-on-one session 0 with each player, we'd discuss character motivations, relationships, goals, and go over the setting and game mechanics. This will determine the outline of the character's arc and possible challenges they will face during the adventure. The idea is to find the right hooks and reasons for them to go out into the world and join a party of heroes.

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