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About the adventure

The Heroes of Howe Sound is a community on Discord involving 30+ players, 4 DMs and 3 separate campaigns in a persistent and ever evolving world. We run games weekly and are available every night of the week to take on more adventuring parties. Join in from the start and help save the small town of Shawnigan Lake or skip ahead to Campaign 2 and become regional heroes across Howe Sound or if you're looking for higher level play join in on our most current campaign and travel across 9 continents to save the world from forces of immense power. Our community has been steadily growing for 3 years now and has some of the greatest people you can game with in. Whether for one shots, playing various computer games together, discussing rpgs in our fireside chat nights or getting silly in our monthly one shots, there really is something for everyone. So if you're looking for a group of people who are committed to great story telling, fun and mutual celebration and respect send us a message and we'll introduce you to the crew. Campaign 1 LVL 1-9: Is what we like to call a hugbox. It is centered on a small town in the wilds of Howe Sound where dark mysteries and problems are constantly plaguing the inhabitants of Shawnigan Lake. You'll work collectively with other groups to establish an adventurers guild, to explore the world and to protect the town from outside aggressors. While surrounded by friendly npcs in a world free of bigotry and isms. Put the real world away for a while and enjoy a community where everyone is accepted and welcomed. Campaign 2 LVL 3-9: 50 years in the future from the first campaign the region has changed dramatically. A new power has come to the lands bringing with it industrialization, pollution and a new order. The majority of the inhabitants of this region aren't in favour of these new rulers and are plotting rebellions against them. Join a group of freedom fighters and strike back against these tyrants and despots. Campaign 3 LVL 9-13: Starting a year after the end of the second season your awareness of the world has grown substantially. The 9 continents of the planet now feel much closer as airship technology becomes more accessible and teleportation circles are being brought online. A world spanning war has broken out and ancient dark secrets are being discovered that could tip the war in the favour of any of the factions but at the risk of unleashing forces that can not be contained. Which side will you choose and where will you go?

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Allie, Chris & Frank


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Additional Details

How to prepare

To prep for the session simply reach out to us for a discussion on character creation. We can provide you with a link to our Foundry and dndbeyond accounts and help craft a digital character sheet for you to be linked to a token with a portrait that suits your tastes. You can either roll digital dice alongside with the Game Masters, or simply roll dice at home and call out the rolls as they happen. A mic will be required at the minimum to communicate with the other players and our team, but webcams are optional. We will have ours on as we are quite dynamic and emotive, but comfort levels of all types are accepted, we don't always feel like tidying up our space before game night either. As for understanding of the rules, we can help guide you through your rolls in real time or sign up for one of our one on one training sessions to get familiar with the rules ahead of time.

What I provide

Digital resources will be made available through the game and handouts will be provided digitally. If you find yourself falling in love with the setting and would like digital copies of our maps, or portraits of your characters or the NPC's please reach out and we can provide digital copies or connect you to some wonderful artists who can do commissions.

Gameplay details

Our sessions are often a balance of the three pillars of roleplaying games. With a healthy mix of exploration, roleplay, and combat. We enjoy diving deep into our NPC's characters, with unique voices for each of them and individual goals and stories that the players can interact with. When adventuring, the lands you will often come across mischievous creatures that will challenge you with riddles, puzzles, or physical challenges to reach unique and beautiful locations. The combat is varied and often multi-dimensional, employing complex tactics and monsters that will not simply stand and fight at the front line. We seek to challenge our players to solve problems with not just the sword, but with their unique combination of skills, their wit, and guile. Though, we all know that sometimes, the right answer to the challenge is a fire ball ;) This a west marches style campaign. What is a west marches campaign you ask? It is a campaign that is fully player driven in a very open world. Once you have informed your DM of the style of adventure you prefer the will build a custom linear story for your group to dive into. Each week of adventuring impacts the region as a whole, and when one group decides to assault an enemy base in the East it may pull forces away at a critical time before a neighboring group strikes in the West. Howe Sound is an evolving world, so the actions of each party impacts the world for each other group. For example, if group A goes off and negotiates a truce between two warring factions, then group B who had been planning to fight these factions will find their services no longer needed. In which case they may attempt to stoke the flames of war or pursue a different adventure somewhere else in the region. All of our players are asked to participate in a session zero with their group/dm to go over roleplay boundaries, themes and character creation to insure that everyone at the table is coming together in a constructive way. Each of our groups are built to be unique players in the region with a unifying story that brings there characters together and makes for excellent group synergy and natural roleplay. Whether you are new to D&D, are looking to escape from the curse of the forever GM or are some where in between, we have a story and a crew for you.

Content warnings
  • Death
  • Guns
  • Pandemic
  • Warfare
Safety tools used
  • Bleed
  • Lines and Veils
  • Luxton Technique
  • Luxton Technique Discussion
  • Monte Cook RPG Consent Checklist
  • Session 0
How will character creation work

1. Books accepted for character builds are: Everything that is officially published by Wizards of the Coast with the exception of the Rick and Morty content. All books can be used in any combination and there are no restrictions on classes, races, spells or feats. 2. Your stats are generated using a system called "rolled standard array". Where the player rolls 4d6 keeping the highest three to decide the first 5 stats, the 6th becomes whatever is needed to make all 6 statistics add up to 72. 3. Levels are gained by earning Boon Points which will be elaborated upon during session 0 and illustrated in our custom campaign tracking document we provide to each adventuring party. 4. HP is max at lvl 1 and every level up can either be average or roll with blind gm advantage. (Blind GM advantage means the player rolls one dice and the gm rolls one dice secretly. The player can either take their roll or gamble and take the GM's roll without knowing what it is.)

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: None

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Heroes of Howe Sound

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  • Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: None
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