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This is a game for mature adults who are interested in deep immersion and fantastical encounters, spells and monsters. We will begin at level 10, so there are a lot of character options available. Ever had a race you wer...

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How to prepare

You'll want to have a web cam and a roll20 account to enjoy the game to it's fullest, and at least a basic understanding of how to play D&D 3.5/Pathfinder. All of the Pathfinder and D&D character classes and races are allowed and we will running feats and skills based on the more advantageous (fun) Pathfinder system.

What I provide

I will include maps, story points of interest and images of NPC's, monsters, magic items and locations.

What else should you know

My schedule is flexible and I am awake quite late into the evenings most days. Mornings and afternoons are more difficult for me, but I want to choose a schedule that everyone can agree to so we will have to find out from all of the potential players what they're availability is. I'm open to feedback and quite poor at multitasking. This means that I tend to prepare far ahead of time and that I want open dialogue between all of our players.

Gameplay Details

We will start with a session 0 at no charge, 3-5 hours of character building, character backstory and equipment setup. Every session will begin with an overview of last session and we will get back into character and continue our journey together, fighting monsters, outsmarting plots and roleplaying through some encounters. There are often traps and sometimes puzzles in my games, with most of the focus on defeating enemies and figuring a way out of a situation or how to get the upper hand on the antagonist's plans. There will be a great deal of roleplaying and this will determine whether or not you can collect NPC's as henchmen, which side of the conflict you end up on, and what information is given to you by NPC's or even deities. Overall, PC's should be exceptional. That's why I employ the most lenient rolling method I can and give bonuses for a written backstory or for roleplaying. Additionally, there is a great deal of magic in my world and even if you started at first level, you begin with a few potions and scrolls. Please be in character as often as possible and make it clear when you switch to out of character conversation. Also, abusing other players will not be tolerated.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters can be created beforehand using the rolling method of 4d6, reroll 1's and 2's, keep the highest three dice and sort to taste. We'll start at level 10 and I'm fine creating characters during session 0.

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