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About the adventure

NOW in FoundryVTT āž• More than just a module! Gain renown and use downtime to learn unique (third party) spells or create magic items of your own šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø High Fantasy hex and dungeon crawl; try to survive the many dangers of the frozen tundra and its many perilous locales. šŸ° Sandbox-style exploration of the expansive, lore-rich Icewind Dale āš”ļø Discover ancient frozen ruins and powerful magical artifacts šŸ² Face unique and challenging combat where the monsters know what they're doing! šŸŽ–ļø Vie against peril and death to become a Hero whose renown rings out across the North! Two hundred years after the the Dwarven stronghold, Khundrukar, fell to the orcish hordes, weapons bearing the mark of the legendary Master Smith, Durgeddin, have appeared in the North. You are tasked to investigate the truth: do the bellows fire once again in the Forge of Fury?

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You will need a mic (and most likely a headset) and a discord account. Games will be held using FoundryVTT for the tabletop and we will voice chat on my private Discord server; a foundry link will be provided to you. You will need a copy of your character sheet on dndbeyond or in Foundry. If using beyond, a shareable link to your sheet must be provided to me before you can play. You will need to join my Discord server and get the Foundry link from me. Please ensure that you communicate with me before the game, with as much time to prepare as possible.

What I provide

-Consistent, reliable sessions with plenty of action and intrigue -a locations-focused game with plenty of extensive wilderness exploration -Challenging puzzles and combat where the monsters know what they're doing! -Unique monsters that go above and beyond the stat block: nothing in the Icewind Dale is out of place -Extensive use of downtime mechanics and full support between sessions for any questions you might have. -A discord server fully boosted with professional quality audio. -A smooth-running FoundryVTT private server with fully detailed maps and dynamic lighting at no cost to you -A complete gaming experience with vivid descriptions, custom maps, handouts, and curated musical playlists. -Rules from all to nearly all sourcebooks and a rich Roll20 library with tokens and maps for every need. -A broad knowledge of materials from other editions of the game to craft my stories. -Experience from nearly 30 years of tabletop gaming combined with technical knowledge of online systems -Passionate and studied portrayals of the High Fantasy and Cosmic Horror genres

Gameplay details

Players can expect extensive wilderness exploration and fast-paced challenging combat with LOTS of rich š•·š–”š–—š–Š.

Content warnings
  • Body Horror
  • Character Death
  • Drowning
  • Fire
  • Language/Cursing
  • Violence
Safety tools used
  • Breaks
  • Debriefing
  • Monte Cook RPG Consent Checklist
  • Open Door
  • Stars and Wishes
How will character creation work

Create your characters prior to your first session. If you need help I can provide an hour tutorial for $10. Characters begin at level 3 using the standard point buy (27) or array. You may use any options from the sourcebooks below, noting that options from some books require DM approval. You may take any mundane equipment your character has proficiency to use regardless of cost (including full plate, kits and tools). Your players are competent adventurers, so you can assume they have gear. Each character begins the game with a single healing potion and one uncommon magic item from the sources below. Allowed Sourcebooks: Players Handbook Dungeon Master Guide* Xanathar's Guide to Everything Mordenkeinen's Tome of Foes Volo's Guide to Monsters Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse Tasha's Cauldron of Everything Wild Beyond the Witchlight Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft* Tortle Package * - With DM approval (No Eberron, Wildemount, MTG, AI, or Rick and Morty) If unsure if an option is available, please ask.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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Bad Dragons: Icewind Dale

22 Reviews

Price per player-session
You will be charged when a session starts


  • Duration: 4 to 4 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Open to all
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