Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Ghosts of Saltmarsh: Salvage Operation

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Zoom, Foundry VTT

A ship long-thought lost has appeared adrift in the sea. The cargo aboard the “Emperor of the Waves” promises a reversal of fortune for her owner who has hired you to retrieve it. You’ll soon find the ship in a grave sta...

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How to prepare

This is a game for people at least familiar with the rules, even if that means your only D&D exposure is watching Critical Role. Please create your 4th level character beforehand with the criteria under “How Will Character Creation Work”. Please be logged in to a valid Zoom account. Meeting URL and passcode will be provided before the session. Virtual table top (FoundryVTT) url will be provided before the session. Optional: install the Beyond20 browser extension at . I will have the plugin running on Foundry VTT so you can roll from the D&DBeyond character sheet. Optional: Forward a picture of your character–I will generate a token beforehand.

What I provide

I’ll have digital maps via FoundryVTT, music, and monster tokens at the ready.

What else should you know

Gameplay is traditionally more McElroy than Mercer–rules lawyers may have a frustrating time. Fun at the table is priority, and basic rules of online etiquette and safety mechanisms are in effect.

Gameplay Details

We start with a little investigation and quickly plunge into close-quarters combat. There’s room for stealth but you’ll not be the only ones sneaking! Combat is broken up with occasional rounds of skill checks. Roleplay as much or as little as you feel.

How Will Character Creation Work

Please generate a 4th level character beforehand. I suggest using D&D Beyond, but any system, even good ol’ pen and paper is great. Forward me the character sheet if using D&D Beyond. * Standard array or point buy for ability score generation. * Any WotC class/race, even UA, is fine. * (Homebrew/DMsGuild classes/races likely okay–message me first.) * Your choice of common equipment/supplies. * Take one uncommon magic item of your choice. * Take one healing potion.

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