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(Available at basically any time EXCEPT Thursday at 7pm - 11pm) The intent is to either decide what level we want to play at as a one shot adventure or to start the adventure from scratch and play its entirety! Nestled o...

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How to prepare

While I prefer that everyone knows the rules, I absolutely welcome new players at my table. Only software required is Discord for voice chat and an internet browser of your choice. We will create characters together through the app and I will go over any rules questions with you before/during the session.

What I provide

I will bring everything for you as soon as you send me your character's illustration so that I can add your sheet with the token.

What else should you know

At the end of the day we're all here to have fun. As such, I will not tolerate any racism, sexism, bigotry, or other hateful speech. I am an inclusive DM for all peoples, marginalized or not. If, during or after a session, you feel that I did not uphold this or something is making you uncomfortable please let me know so that I can address it. Let's all have fun and play together.

Gameplay Details

As a DM, my job is to paint the scene and let you play how you want. You want to try to Sherlock Holmes every encounter and come up with the best battle plans? Let's do that. You want people to fly by the seat of their pants and have encounter dialogue be limited in words? That's my norm.

How Will Character Creation Work

I have a few character creation methods, but we can always do the classic point buy if we want. I generally do not allow homebrew or UA simply for balance reasons. We will create them together through Discord / Foundry and I will walk you through the whole step of the way. For a long-form campaign, I will discuss backstory with you as your character fits into the world, and we can tweak even this hard cover to meet your story-telling desires.

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