Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Forge of Fury: Delving into Khundrukar (D&D 5e)

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Setting: Forgotten Realms Who it's for: Any kind of player and character. Even if it's a dungeon delver, roleplay always has a place. Rules: Standart ruleset for 5e, except potions, using them is a bonus action, because ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Discord for comunicating and sharing media, and a roll 20 account for playing.

What I provide

Don't really need to bring anything, since this is an online game. Any images that I want to show and the like would be sent through discord

What else should you know

No special requirements or anything

Gameplay Details

The ruins of Khundrukar span many underground floors, and have many and varied encounters, some of which can be solved with methods different from the usual "guns blazing" aproach, so you don't need a min/max character, play whatever you like.

How Will Character Creation Work

Ideally having a session 0, so everyone can create characters together. Either with the 4d6 method or pointbuy, whatever fits the players better.

Players can expect







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