Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Foreign Affairs (DDAL-DRW4) A Dreams of the Red Wizards Adventure (Homebrew or AL versions available)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Zoom

Mystery, intrigue, combat, exploration, roleplay! This adventure has it all. SIX FULL HOURS (at least) of content guaranteed to have something to suit everyone's playstyle and enough challenge for even the most optimized...

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How to prepare

Have a Roll20 account, a webcam and microphone, Zoom installed (or use the browser version) with a Discord account as a backup for video/audio You should understand the rules of the game at this level and know what you character can do as action will need to keep moving in order to complete the game in the time allotted.

What I provide

I'll bring all the virtual materials, a link to my D&D Beyond campaign so that you can utilize my books to create characters if you like, and I can also do costumes, music, etc.

What else should you know

I do not tolerate backseat DMing. I highly encourage you to create your own group beforehand so that you know how your characters work together, but that isn't necessary.

Gameplay Details

There are three sections of this adventure, each one focusing on a primary pillar of play with a secondary. As such, all playstyles are represented, but I can make adjustments for parties that don't like combat/roleplay as much.

How Will Character Creation Work

There are two options here: If I run this for a group as an official adventurers league game - you must ALL have a preexisting character of level 11-16 that follows the AL rules and that you have logsheets for. If I run it as a homebrew - I request characters of level 13-14 be created in advance using resources that I will provide via a D&D Beyond Campaign Link beforehand.

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