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This is a custom Star Wars D6 game, commissioned by the player to have a chance to play-out a 'What If' theory with an OC (Original Character) that changes the path of Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. The player has an ...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Player will need to layout which of the 'What-If' scenarios they want to explore and what, if any, endgame results they would like to see, keeping in mind these may change as the Player and I work together on shaping the story. Also researching the Jedi, their Code, and related subjects is highly recommended.

What I provide

I will be setting the game up in Roll20 to help keep a log and have an ease for character & dice access.

What else should you know

Player and I have played in the past, so overall boundaries are pretty well known.

Gameplay Details

Using the Star Wars D6 system as frame-work, we'll be playing out key characters to explore the impact of the changes to the timeline discussed by the Player. Role-Play is going to be exceptionally high in this game, with combat being possibly nil to none. In fact, the dice system is just to help resolve any questions of a character's skill level or effectiveness in dealing with the new challenges presented to them.

How Will Character Creation Work

Player already has character stated out. After my review and approval, she'll be using those stats.

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