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The world has twisted, bent and broken after the recent barriers have collapsed along the borders of this world and many others. What was meant to be fiction and fantasy simply roams the streets, begging to destroy and k...

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How to prepare

Just come up with some basic character concepts, Why is your character delving into the dangerous wastes of a post apocalyptic world filled with supernatural, horrid and potentially worse creatures. Its good money but is very dangerous.

What I provide

Rulebook, Roll20 Access, Discord Link and my own time.

What else should you know

Nothing Else.

Gameplay Details

Exploring, Monsters, Supernatural, Magical and Post Apocalypse. This is more of a roleplaying game with puzzles as a second and combat as a final options. This world is deadly and most normal people simply become victims to it.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will happen during a session zero. This will either be just myself and your character, plotting out ideas and concepts or we can do it together as a group. Fate Core characters are always fluid and designed in a way we always can change aspects or ideas.

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