Fallout: Dead End Streets

Fallout: Dead End Streets

Fate Core System, Genesys on Roll20, Discord

Price per player-session

You will be charged when a session starts



  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Open to all

Price per player-session

About the adventure

##### War. War never changes. *Mankind has long since been plagued by a hot streak of violence and an insatiable need for conquest. The art of human technological advancement alone was forged in the crucibles of death and destruction. Humanity never could be satisfied with what it had already accomplished and only ever looked at what more it could take. On the eve of October 23, 2077, the inescapable nature of man finally reached it's zenith. The skies were dotted black with the sight of nuclear warheads and bombers making one final swoop over the planet to ensure that the civilizations our ancestors had fought so hard to build, were wiped clean. Nobody knows who fired first,and these days, nobody even bothers to ask.* *A mind is a terrible thing to waste, and you've been treating yours none too kindly, it seems. As evidenced by the fact that you can't remember the last six months of time. You and a bunch of other people you don't recognize sit at a table in an otherwise empty bar - the last thing you remember is seeing a bright light and hearing the warble of an old Patsy Cline song playing off an equally ancient phonograph, but the place is silent now. The smell of gunpowder and blood directs your attentions to one of the individuals sitting at the table. Their wasted mind now filtered out of their skull through bullet shaped hole.* *You've all got tattoos on the backs of your hands with each other's names scrawled permanently into your epidermis. None of you remember why you're here or where you've been. The screams of someone even less fortunate than yourselves echo through the open bar area but the world is still spinning and you can't tell from which direction. A number of empty shot glasses matching the number of people at the table, each one coated with dirt and grime; your stomachs complain for food but your minds, or what's left of them, are more eager for answers.*

3 years on StartPlaying

Additional Details

How to prepare

Have an idea in mind, and an open mind as to how you will want to play. Minimal to no prep is required for the Session 0-1.

What I provide

Creativity and improvisation, as well as some digital props where appropriate.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Session 0 will be discussion of character ideas; character sheets will potentially be handled off of roll20 depending on the system used.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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