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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Foundry VTT

This is a campaign that will span the levels 3-20. This campaign is for a party that can deal with the gritty realism of a fully immersive horror themed campaign. Death awaits around every corner and trustworthy people...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

They will need a D&D Beyond account, Syrinscape account, and a Discord Account.

What I provide

I bring to the table the complete collection on D&D Beyond which gives the players in my campaigns access to all of that content. Foundry VTT a powerful software with dynamic lighting and special effects capabilities.

What else should you know

I have a few house rules that i will go over in session 1. Nothing that changes the game necessarily but things i have found that make the game better if they are said upfront.

Gameplay Details

Typical session will be everyone logging into D&D Beyond then joining discord and joining the Foundry VTT link. After everyone is situated and ready to go then we will jump right into the game. Exploring and role playing will be large portions of the game as well as combat. This is a game for people who like gritty realism combined with high fantasy, an accurate comparison would be the Witcher series. I like to play my games with a healthy mix of role play and combat. There is also a healthy mix of serious and silly content. I pride myself on my voice acting skills and constantly receive compliments on them. What I can’t do with my voice I supplement with voice mods. Character death is a serious possibility especially in early levels. This is because I do not ascribe to the idea that every encounter should be level specific. I feel the world seems much more alive and realistic when you are bumping into things that are both easy to take care of and nearly impossible to manage. Knowing when to run is one of the greatest skills an adventurer must possess. I want to get your adrenaline pumping in dangerous situations and make it feel as real as possible. I require everyone to be on time and ready for session and expect them to stay for the entirety unless an emergency arises. I expect people to stay in character as much as possible and do not tolerate metagaming. I do not require that players follow the threads I hand them, anything is possible and if you are not the one to take up arms for an adventure surely someone else will. The world is after all a very big place. But perhaps that other band of adventurers may not be as successful as you may have been. For example, if you skip out on a quest to slay goblins, you may come back to that town months later to find it overrun, the townspeople dead and gone. I also ascribe to the idea that actions have consequences, for example if you're rogue steals something it may affect the world in a variety of ways. Perhaps if it was something expensive that shop will go under. The shopkeeper, no longer able to feed his family could turn to a life of crime. That life of crime could lead to him becoming a powerful adversary. The point I am trying to make is that the world you play in should and will feel alive and will change based on how you play.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created before the first session. I will run a session 0 sort of interview after you apply to answer any questions and make sure everyone is comfortable and has their character ready. Backstories will be written before session 1 as well.

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