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This is the Empire of the Ghouls. It is not pleasant....

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How to prepare

Have your character ready, but feel free to contact me beforehand to go over and confirm if needs be. We will use Skype or Discord. You will need access to Roll20. We will be using the Lines and Veils safety tools, for more details on that, please look here:

What I provide

Joy. I will also have all the maps and tokens ready to go.

What else should you know

We will be playing online. I am very open to be reached beforehand and happy to help out wherever needed.

Gameplay Details

This is an introductory session of 5e D&D that can be tweaked to make it more interesting for more experienced players if needs be. Players will need to give a basic verbal description of what their character is doing, roll a dice and we will see what happens.

How Will Character Creation Work

Standard Array, I am available

Players can expect







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Open To All

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