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It's been a year since the Crescent Massacre and the vagabond produced have yet to find a new home. Crescent wasn't just some city it was a hub at the center of the world. This vast and affluent nation was a neutral part...

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How to prepare

Players should be signed up and for and have spoken to me about character sheets. If we're using Roll20 I expect players to have installed Talespire and have a character sheet printed out or on DnD Beyond. If we're using Discord then I expect people to have character sheets either printed or on DnD Beyond.

What I provide

I'll bring my session notes and all of the necessary maps for a session. I'll have the dungeon and whatever else is necessary prepared if we're using Talespire.

What else should you know

I want everyone to have a good time at the end of the day. So if there's ever anything that a player isn't enjoying or a dispute amongst the group. Tell me and I'll work on it so that we can try to fix the issue.

Gameplay Details

A typical session will begin with me recapping the major events from the last session. So that anyone who missed something can catch up. After this we'll begin wherever we left off. Most sessions won't involve combat unless the party is outside of a city or town. If the party does end up getting into combat everyone will roll initiative and we'll go from there. Once everyone is in the turn order we'll begin combat. Combat will be fast paced and include descriptions for nearly every action. I encourage my players to take the wheel on occasion. I love it when my players describe their actions good or bad I want to hear what you do each turn. I want my players to really lean into their rolls. If you roll a natural 20 make it something to remember as you tear into a monster. If you roll a natural 1 play it up just as much. When the players are outside of combat I expect them to stay in voice chat at all times. Sometimes I'll pull players in a private channel in order to discuss information that only they need to know. But I expect my players to remain in voice chat throughout each session. I want my players to come into this expecting to really play a character. The decisions you make in character should align with who that person is. No matter how optimal or subpar that choice may be. I'll write down notes for what individual NPCs are aware of so choose your words carefully when speaking in character. You never know who you're talking to or how much they know. As for Homerules I have a few to make the experience more interesting 1. Exhaustion when a player enters the dying state. Each time a player goes down they'll gain a level of exhaustion. This is to make you really think about who you pick up. The exhaustion will stack up until the character gets enough rest to feel better. 2. Players roll their death saving throws so that only I can see them. This further adds to the idea of really paying attention in combat. Players will be told to keep it neutral when they go down to build suspense. You'll never know if you're wasting that spell slot to pick up your goblin companion. 3. Bonus action item interactions. This is to allow players to interact with their environment more freely. 4. Grapple and Shove attack actions. Players will be able to substitute individual attacks for shoves or grapples. This rule gives more options to players using classes with Multi attack.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will occur with me and we'll work together to see if your concept can fit the world I have in mind. From there we'll work out a time to perform a session 0. This session will be between the player and myself. During this session we'll establish some sort of goal for your character. Once we've got a goal there will be a little role play and bring your character to the location where the campaign will begin.

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