Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Eberron Exploring Khorvaire

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Fantasy Grounds, Discord

This is a game of intrigue set in the wide magic (magic is prevalent, but not overly powerful) world of Eberron. Dragonmarked houses, governments, cults, and more try and control the city of Sharn and the continent of Kh...

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How to prepare

Read some Eberron content if you like.

What I provide

All the D&D 5e books and thousands of digital maps and tokens.

What else should you know

Once you signup I'll send out links to download the free apps you'll need to play.

Gameplay Details

This game will feature lots of intrigue, both back alley deals and courtly backstabbing. Sharn is a dangerous place and the sky coaches and high bridges in the sky and the lower levels of Sharn all offer their own dangers. Being D&D there's no doubt going to be some doors kicked in as well!

How Will Character Creation Work

We'll create characters via Fantasy Grounds or D&D Beyond to import them.

Players can expect







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