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Four years after the Day of Mourning ended the Last War, delegates of the Five Nations gather in Thronehold in a celebration of peace and prosperity. But the fallen Archangel Zariel has other plans for Thronehold. She ri...

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Email to schedule a free 1-hour character creation session to tie your character into the world of Eberron and become an immersive part of the campaign. Create a free Roll20 Account Download Discord Create a free D&D Beyond Account The adventure begins at 2nd Level. All characters options in the Players Handbook, Xanathars Guide to Everything, and Eberron: Rising from the Last War are allowed. Standard Stat Array.

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Once your reservation is confirmed, I'll email you links to the Roll20 campaign, the D&D Beyond Campaign (where you will be able to access all the necessary sourcebooks for free), and the Discord Server.

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“As a Dungeon Master, Dax’s best skill is his ability to immerse players in the world of the game. Through music and his vocal acting, he is able to weave a story as the players, well, play! He is really good at reading players and intelligently adapting to their needs. For example he was great at interweaving my backstory elements into the larger story! I don’t compare anyone to Matthew Mercer lightly, but Dax Levine is a Mercer-level Dungeon Master.” – Cameron A, Arizona

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Created on D&D Beyond during an video conference with DM to discuss character backstory. Level 2 , Standard Array. Players Handbook, Xanathars Guide to Everything, Eberron: Rising from the Last War.

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