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This game will be set in Eberron, 2 years after the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold that ended a long war, a war that tore the continent of Khorvaire apart. This setting hosts a wide array of possible themes, from N...

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How to prepare

While a good grasp of 5e rules would be ideal, it's not mandatory, we can go over them in session 0 or even in a 1 on 1 chat. All you'll need is a Roll20 account and a bit of an outgoing nature, being a sandbox, the party must be active, not only reacting to stuff happening to them.

What I provide

I tend to prepare 2-3 combat encounters and 2-3 pages of content per session, we'll be using a plus account, so Dynamic Lighting will be a thing.

What else should you know

Bring a level head and be creative, this story will be about you and your characters!

Gameplay Details

We'll host a session 0 to decide a few things, such as theme and starting location, from there, on session 1, you'll be free to roam and interact with the world around you, the ratio of Combat/RP will vary depending on your decisions and in this setting, actions have consequences and will shape the world around you, be it in a good way .... or not.

How Will Character Creation Work

On session 0, we'll build the characters together, from races and classes to background, and from there I'll prepare the campaign based on those characters.

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