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No one knows how it happened or why, but one day, all of the sudden, the infinite oceans of the Elemental Plane of Water all dried up. Without the Elemental Plane of water to keep it in check, the Elemental Plane of Fir...

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How to prepare

All you will need is an account on roll20 . No knowledge of the game is required, although it is appreciated for the sake of the pacing for the first session or two. If players create their characters ahead of time, I'll have them start between levels 1 and 3 depending on their level of experience with D&D 5th edition. All officially published Wizards of the Coast material is acceptable, as well as some UA materials and a few Homebrew races and classes that I will provide as options upon booking of the campaign. Character building is often a lengthy part of the first session (sometimes called Session Zero), and although I am happy to help my players through the process in our first meeting, it will help with time and pacing if players do decide to make their own ahead of time. That said, there is no pressure or obligation to do so.

What I provide

I'll handle all the logistics of running the campaign via Roll20, which includes a digital dice-roller, maps, and digital character tokens. I will also provide a Discord server for us to use.

What else should you know

All campaigns will be run digitally through Roll20 and using the voice-chat software, Discord.

Gameplay Details

A typical session will consist of role playing to gather information and find and follow leads, with combat, quests, and puzzles connecting the dots between each plot point. The players will navigate a world of pitch-black darkness, braving the dangers of the Shadowfell, which now overlaps most of the mortal world. They can expect to travel across all of the inner planes as the campaign progresses, exploring the unique aspects of the Elemental Planes of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, as well as the Shadowfell, the Feywilds, and the Astral Plane. As a DM I like to encourage and reward role-playing at all times, even in combat, but I will default to the needs of each of my groups. That said, I won't penalize players for choosing not to role play, but I'd really hope that they would try to as much as possible. As for the RP / Combat ratio- I try to do an even 50/50 split, but it really depends on the actions and desires of the players. There is always more than one way to solve any scenario I throw at my players, and I very much welcome creative solutions. Puzzles and riddles are a bit less frequent, as players typically have seen or heard them respectively, and therefore they provide no challenge. I do create custom puzzles every now and then though, especially if I know it's something my group are wanting or expecting. No experience level is necessary for this campaign. I accept players of all TTRPG experience levels, including first-time players.

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