Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Dungeons & Dragons 101: An Introductory Adventure

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Will our heroes be able to overcome a band of transmuted assassins and an extremely bitter apprentice packing dangerously unstable magic items? There’s only one way to find out… • Number of Players: 4 – 6 • Length: 3 –...

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How to prepare

No experience or preparation necessary!

What I provide

I will bring everything else. Maps, music, mischief ;)

What else should you know

Feel free to contact me on discord if you have any questions! All communication is done here in my 300+ player server:

Gameplay Details

This session is all about learning the game through playing and having fun. Little or no planning is required to pick up a sheet and start playing!

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters are premade and are perfectly built for beginner players in mind. Each sheet, in conjunction with good teamwork, will give you what you need for your adventure. If you'd like to create your own character, please reach out to me before the game. Characters: • Adu Iiclyt - Tiefling (Fiend) Warlock • Ava of the Woodlands - Human (Grassland) Druid • Dio Durrano - Half Elf (Lore)Bard • Fikri Farhollow - Gnome (Evocation) Wizard • Gadrin Hornhold - Dwarf (Berserker) Barbarian • Garment - Dragonborn (Life) Cleric • Imarot Uguwich - Halfling (Open Hand) Monk • Kraketa K'sc - Human (Hunter) Ranger • Lar Akiwa - Half-Orc (Devotion) Paladin • Morsen Leyford - Half-Elf (Champion) Fighter • Rowan Quickwick - Halfling (Thief) Rogue • Uteati Kuz - Hal-Elf (Draconic) Sorcerer

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