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Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Skype

The village of Maerwald was a happy place, where people and dogs lived, played, and worked together daily. Dogs were truly man's best friend. That is until, Dark Druids invaded the village and bestowed a terrible curse u...

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How to prepare

In the first hour and throughout the first session rules will be explained to new characters. They will need to have either Skype or Discord installed (program will be discussed beforehand), an active account, and be connected with me (friends list) on the chosen program.

What I provide

I will have miniatures, building structures, and illustrations to help the players visualize the adventure.

What else should you know

When playing, no technology other than the device they are on to video call is allowed during my sessions. Also, each child will get two warnings to being disruptive/not listening, if they go beyond those two warnings they will be asked to leave the session and will not be allowed to rejoin until next session.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Level 3 characters. They will use the pre made characters and fill out character sheets in the first hour of the session

Players can expect







Experience Level

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