Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Dungeons and dragons 5e 101: professor torial’s totally safe and not at all a death trap crash course in adventuring

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HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! have you ever wanted a quick and possibly fatal way to grab HUGE amounts of gold, arcane power beyond your wildest dreams and to rub elbows with the gods?! have kings and queens at your beck and cal...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

i'll need you to have a mic, a discord account and or a roll20 account (all three would be preferable). reading the book and having a character sheet is preferred but not necessary.

What I provide

i'll be bringing dice bots, pregens, the books as needed and i'll be providing music and maps and minis to use on roll20

What else should you know

don't take anything seriously in this, you're just here to have fun and learn the ropes. relax, have fun and get ready to cut some goblins!

Gameplay Details

this is a basic 101 dungeon crawl, designed to teach you the basics of dungeons and dragons fifth edition. i'll guide you through character creation (or provide a pregen you can take with you!) show you the ins and outs of how the basic mechanics work and put you through a dungeon so you can experience a basic run down of how things play out. it'll be fun!

How Will Character Creation Work

we'll be doing the standard array of character creation. i'll also teach you the dices rolling method (my personal preference) and if you just want to pick up and play i'll have a pregen list of basically any character class you would like to try.

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